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My Ridley X-Bow is my first and only cyclocross bike.  It is a 56 cm frame that is equipped with a mostly Shimano Tiagra Groupset.  I have wild dreams of participating in a cyclocross race, though I strongly suspect I am far too out of shame for such an onslaught.  While I entertain that dream, I'm going to ride my X-Bow on any and all surfaces I possibly can.  I have told myself that the more I ruin it, the more I have an excuse to upgrade it.

This is my Jamis Beatnik.  I wanted to convert Brumhilda the Sanwa Classic 2210 to a fixed gear, but was talked into selling Brumhilda and buying a new fixed gear bike.  The Beatnik comes with a flip flop hub that allows you to switch between a single speed free wheel and a single speed fixed gear.  The color is called "olive oil" green, and is a 62 cm frame.  The frame is constructed with a high tensile steel.  It includes a number of braze ons for fenders and racks.  The handlebars are quite narrow straight bars, which I don't love, but work well enough.

 Rusty is a Schwinn Collegiate that I bought at Rhode Island Antique Mall (which is one of the best antique stores around).  He was fifty dollars and in very bad shape.  He had two flat tires, and a moderate amount of rust on all of his unpainted surfaces.  I spent a number of hours last year rubbing aluminum against rusty chrome.  The results were rather impressive. Yet, to be honest, there is a healthy amount of rubbing to do still.  While Rusty is wonderful, he is a bit small for me :(

The 1981 Univega Gran Turismo is my second road bike and the one that the Sanwa Classic 2210 paved the way for.  Having been satisfied with riding a road bike, I decided I was ready to try a higher quality bike.  I searched craigslist daily until I finally found the right one.  The bike is 63 cm/25" with a 570 mm top tube, 430 mm chainstay, chromoly frame made in Japan with a double-butted frame.  All components are alloy including the SR Randonee handlebars and Araya alloy rims.  This bike rides like a dream!

I love my 1981 Univega Gran Turismo so much, that I bought a 1980 Gran Turismo.  It is almost identical to my other Gran Turismo.  It is essentially all of the same specs including the large 63 cm frame.  The color is a champagne that I don't like as much as the orange of the 1981 Gran Turismo, but it is still as wonderful as my other Gran Turismo.

The 1980 Univega Sportour is bit of a project.  Not the most well kept when I got her, I hope to transform her into a beautiful black swan.  Perhaps, even putting swept back handlebars on it and riding it a bit upright.  I've always wanted a black bike!

She was headed for the scrap yard, when I picked her up in western Massachusetts.  She was once top of the line, but suffered a horrible dent in her top tube, and some horrible rusting of the chrome.  Despite my best efforts, the rust seems to persist.  Nevertheless, this is an awesome bike and a great ride.  Welcome to your new home Team Fuji!

Rarely, have I had such conflicting feelings about a bike.  On one level this is what I've always been looking for.  It is a Univega Gran Touring with a triple butted chromoloy  frame, cantilever brakes, plenty of braze-ons, a perfect touring  bike.  On the other hand, it is after Univega moved its production to Taiwan, it is a color that is hard to class up, and although it is my best touring bike, it doesn't quite inspire the excitement of my Gran Turismos.  Only time will tell how our relationship will play out.

This is a 1978 Fuji S10-S LTD.  Essentially, this is a limited edition S10-S/predecessor to the S12-S.  It is double-butted chromoloy with bar-end shifters and a leather saddle.  Clearly, it was a great bike in its hay-day.  Today, it suffers from lots of rust on its chrome and melted gummy hoods.  Hopefully, I can bring back this girl's luster!

Bikes I used to own, but still love!


Brumhilda is a Sanwa Classic 2210.  It was a Japanese bike built in Taiwan during the bike boom of the 70s.  I replaced her foam bar tape with fizik yellow bar tape.  I also replaced her saddle with a yellow saddle to match her handlebar table.  She is constructed with lugged Hi-tensile steel.  I bought her from Siesta Bikes in Warwick in order to learn whether I would like a road bike.  Well, I did!  She served her purpose well, and I really enjoyed riding her and learned a little when it came to taping her bars and replacing her saddle. In the end I got my Gran Turismos and decided she deserved better and sold her so that someone else could meet her and treat her right! 

This is a very tall (26") Panasonic Sport 1000.  It has a solid paint job and is a great ride.  It is decked out with a Shimano groupset including stem shifters and turkey  lever brakes.  It has a double butted Tange 900 chromoloy frame.  Although an entry level Panasonic, it is still an awesome bike.  I didn't get to ride it very much because I didn't want to put any wear on its brand new tires, but it was a great bike.  I hope it is serving its new rider well!

This is a very tall (26") Panasonic Sport LX.  It has a Suntour AR II groupset and also features stem shifters and turkey lever brakes.  The frame also has a double butted Tange 900 chromoloy frame.  Again, this bike is an entry level Panasonic, but apparently Panasonic's bikes are so good that this bike is still great!  I rode this bike a bit more than the Panasonic Sport 1000, but still didn't get overly acquainted with it.  My brother is the new happy owner of this bike!

Margaret aka Large Marge

Margaret is an Electra Townie Euro 8d.  She's the first bike I bought since my biking renaissance began.  I really wanted to buy a beautiful upright bike, and the patient gentleman from Providence Bicycles pointed me to an Electra Amsterdam.  It was everything I wanted: a beautiful Dutch style bicycle.  However, I wasn't in love with the riding experience.  The bike man next brought me the Townie Euro.  I was put off by the frame immediately.  The curved frame reminded me a bit too much of...California.  It just didn't seem like a serious looking bike.  Once I rode it though, I fell in love.  It provided an upright riding position and provided an incredibly  smooth comfortable ride.  I forgot all my reservations and brought home my new baby.

Since purchasing Large Marge, I made just a few small alterations to her.  I added a blue bell that I bought when I was in Prague.  Honestly, it is goofy.  Then again, so is the bike's frame.  I also added two of Wald's foldout black metal baskets  They are wonderful.  I also added a suspension seat post.  The ride wasn't too bumpy, but I was jealous of my housemate's comfort bike, and I wanted to be like her.  I also put a Planet Bike Beamer 3 LED front light on her.  I love it.  Finally, I added a rear light that I picked up on clearance from L.L. Bean.  It's ugly.


  1. Replies
    1. Rusty is a real charmer. The ladies can't resist him!

  2. Time to change Large Marge's status...

  3. The Rusty shown was my first NEW bike. I paid $ 60 for it in and had earned every cent of it picking berries and mowing lawns 1971. Same brown color too, however the seat a big S on it. I rode it everywhere for several years before moving up to the 10 speed. I bought one just like it again a year or two back.GOD are they heavy.

    Anyhow I have a chance to buy a project bike the Univega Safari 10. any thoughts?

    1. I know! It is so incredibly heavy! But that is the price of nostalgia :)

      Actually, I'd pass on the Safari 10. They were really the bottom of the Univega line. I'd hold out for something like a Viva Sport. They are readily available and pretty affordable.