Schwinn Collegiate

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Walking vs. Riding

Ok, I don't have any pictures of me limping.

As I recover from my broken hip, I have really surprised myself (and many others) by being able to ride my bike far better than I can walk.  Everyone looks shocked when I tell them that I'm back on my bike.  This might be because it is relatively sudden (two crutches one day and suddenly on a bike the next day).  Or perhaps it is because I walk like Quasimodo and yet can still ride with a little bit of zest.  I certainly don't have the stamina or speed that I once did, but I am still far ahead of where I was when I first starting riding.  I've been on a bike for about three or four weeks, and did a 31 miler a week ago.  Again, this isn't going to break any land speed records, but after watching me pathetically drag myself around the workplace on a single crutch it is sincerely surprising.