Schwinn Collegiate

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This is the End

Yes, while waiting to be rescued, I thought taking a picture of myself while stranded in the dirt would be appropriate.

On Wednesday I got ready for my daily ride.  Originally, I planned a hilly ride with a friend.  I am so hillaphobic, that I figured it would be a good idea to face my fears.  However, he ended up being too busy,  so I went out alone.  I decided to try something different.  I took out the 'cross bike and headed for the Manchester Reservoir.  When I got there it seemed like a great spot.  Wide open dirt paths around the reservoir.  Then as I went deeper things got rockier.  I felt like the 'cross bike wasn't the right tool for the job though a friend of mine told me it would help me work on my handling.  I went a bit further, but finally decided I just needed to head home. I searched for an exit, but not knowing the area I couldn't find one.  Eventually, I found myself climbing a hill I had previously descended.  For much of the hill, I simply walked (or ran) my bike, as it just wasn't terrain I could handle.  As I neared the top of the hill, I remounted the bike and started out again.  Not long after I started, I approached a rock that was about one to two feet in diameter.  I deftly went  around it into a small bush, only to slide on some rocks that were hidden under the bush.  I saw it coming as my bike slid out from under me and I fell onto the large rock.  I was going slow, but I hit the rock hard hip first.

The pain was excruciating.  I screamed.   I tried to crawl off of the rock only to realize that  the pain only increased as I wiggled.  I finally escaped from under my bike and found myself on my back with the pain mildly alleviated.  I laid there for a moment hoping the pain would subside; it didn't.   I then decided that I needed to access my cell phone, which was inconveniently under my back in my camelback.  It took some time for me to fidget the camelback off my back and finally access the phone.  I started calling everyone I knew.  My plan was to see if they'd help me hobble out of the woods and if my hip still hurt I'd drive to the hospital.  The only person I could reach was my special lady friend who had little change of helping me out of the woods on her own.  After laying for about a half-hour I started to realize that the pain wasn't subsiding; I gave in and called 911.

The police spent a long time searching for me and with the help of a runner, gps, and an officer familiar with the area they finally found me.  After turning me over in excruciating pain, they strapped me to a board and slowly lugged me all the way to 295.   I showed up at RI Hospital, and after a day of laying in extreme pain, they operated on me and repaired the hip using a plate and some screws.  This was all awful, but it wasn't  until I was lying in the trauma room that reality actually set in.  They told me I wouldn't return to work this school year and that I wouldn't ride again for 2-4 months.  My entire season of riding was gone right before my eyes.  As I lay in the hospital I am still trying to cope with this devastating news.  The pain is agonizing, the bills will be high, and missing work racks me with guilt, but perhaps the worst is that all my hard work riding has simply vanished before my eyes.  I have been counting down the days until summer.  Dreaming of 30 mile rides every day combined with 70 each day of the weekend. I was hoping to do a double century by the end of the summer.  Now, I will do nothing but atrophy.  One small little fall has thrown everything off course.  I used to spend my down time sorting through bike ads, or reading about training, or searching for "much needed" accessories.  Now I can't do any of that.  Now I have no idea what to do.  I realize that I could be worse off, but it is hard not to feel incredibly depressed right now.  Here's to a summer of crutches and rehab. :(