Schwinn Collegiate

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Mysterious Click

The Beatnik has started to click.  At the five o'clock position each revolution, the bike clicks.  It is so incredibly annoying.  Mike's Club Fuji used had a clicking problem at one point.  We read online that it was probably a loose crank arm.  We tightened his crank arm, and viole!  The clicking was gone.

So when my Beatnik started clicking I suspected the same problem.  I tightened the crank....and....nothing.  So I removed it and greased, click, click.  I tried changing pedals, click, click.  I tried to remove the bottom bracket, but couldn't get it open.  I didn't have the tools, so I put the crank back on.  Then I tried flipping the rear hub: converting it from fixie to single freewheel.  I started riding and clicking!  It was great...for ten minutes.  Then, a double click started.  I have since sunk into a deep depression :(